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Solutions In Law Ltd is the first and last stop for all your US visa application needs.
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Solutions In Law Ltd has represented thousands of clients on USA immigration matters. We have numerous successful visa applications to our credit and are well-equipped to help you with yours.

What do our clients say about us?

"Nicole was clear about what we needed to do and how to do it. We asked lots of questions and they were always answered with patience and a detailed explanation. The visa process can be time consuming and at times, stressful (nothing can be done about waiting times!) Solutions in Law Ltd helped keep both to a minimum as much as possible. And for me personally, having a lawyer at the end of the phone who can manage to keep a sense of humour whilst being professional at the same time was a bit of a life saver!”

-Paul Stacey, President of Boutinot USA Inc
Boutinot Ltd -

"When I first approached Solutions in Law to secure a visa for the United States, I had already tried to secure competent representation and a practical visa solution from no less than 3 other US immigration and visa law firms based in the UK and the USA.

From the very first phone call and indeed after my subsequent meetings with Solutions in Law, I felt fully assured by their depth of knowledge, their genuine sincerity and their outright honesty.

Solutions in Law took the time to make detailed and relevant enquires into my personal and my corporate situation before devising an excellent visa strategy and solution.

For myself, my family, my friends and for my company there is simply no question whatsoever in the 1st and indeed ONLY choice when engaging a US visa and immigration law firm, it has to be Solutions in Law.

Indeed, I feel so strongly about the excellent service given by Solutions in Law that I offer openly to anyone who wishes to contact me, my personal and heartfelt opinion.
All I can say is a huge thank you to the Solutions in Law team; you are all simply incredible!" 

Brian Sterling-Vete PH.D
Guinness Book of Records Holder
Producer of 13 World Record Events 
MajorVision Limited 
For personal advice please contact Solutions In Law Ltd for a consultation with one of our USA immigration lawyers.

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