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Business Visas

There are various categories in the USA business visa genre that would facilitate a relocation to the United States to work or conduct business.  The E1, E2 and L-1 visas are popular classifications of the US investor visa or business-work varieties.

These visas allow foreigners to live and work in the United States.  They are issued on a temporary basis.  They are, however, renewable, in the first instance, by filing petitions to the adjudicating authorities in the United States.  Foreigners are often able to live in the United States permanently despite the initial temporariness of their visa status due to a change in circumstances and other qualifying factors.

The E-1 and E-2 visas are treaty trader and treaty investor visas, respectively. These two categories similarly enable the beneficiary to manage and develop a US established business whilst requiring different credentials to do so. The L-1 is, otherwise, referred to as an intra-company transfer visa allowing executive and managerial personnel of foreign entities to transfer to affiliated businesses in the United States to work, manage and develop them.

Our US attorneys have abundant experience in representing clients on applications for the above outlined visas.  Solutions In Law Limited has successfully filed petitions and visa applications within these categories since 2002.  Our representation has incorporated all manners of cases from the simplest to the most complex, small and large commercial outfits alike and varying industries.  We continue to maintain the highest standards in providing US visa services to our clientele base both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

L-1 Visa

The L-1 intra-company transferee visa allows managers, executives and employees with specialized skills to transfer from a foreign company to a US branch, subsidiary, parent or affiliated company to perform temporary services

E- 1 Visa

This is designated under the category of temporary USA visas. It is known as the treaty trader visa. The Criteria for an E-1 visa application requires the foreign company to prove that it is engaged in substantial trade principally between the United States and the foreign worker’s country of nationality.

E-2 Visa

This is known as the treaty investor visa and is issued to nationals of certain countries that have a treaty agreement with the USA. The United Kingdom is one of those countries, thus, British nationals living in the UK with sufficient credentials qualify for this visa.