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Employment: Permanent USA Visa

Employment: Permanent USA Visa

There are five different categories of employment-based USA work visas synonymous with US permanent residence (acquisition of a green card). These are referred to as the EB preference system. The worldwide limit for these visas is 140,000 plus unused family-sponsored preference visas from the previous year. These visas allow their beneficiaries to live and work in the USA on a permanent basis.

The first employment-based preference type of US visa is available to persons of extraordinary ability, (EB-1) outstanding professors and researchers and certain executives and managers of multinational organizations.

The second preference known as the EB-2 visa category allows for the USA immigration of foreign nationals with advanced degrees and those with exceptional ability whose employment in the USA would be in the national interest of the country.

The third preference is classified as the EB-3 category. This includes skilled workers.

A labour certification or schedule A petition is required for all EB-3 petitions. An immigrant petition form (form I-140) must also be filed with documents proving the employer and beneficiary satisfy the applicable regulations.