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Marriage Visas

US marriage visas present a highly viable avenue for migration to the United States.  Foreign spouses and fiancé/eés are able to relocate to the US on the basis of their marriage or engagement to a US citizen. A spousal visa may be obtained, in the first instance, by virtue of a successful permanent resident petition and visa application.  Otherwise, a temporary and optional measure referred to as the K-3 may be applied to gain short-term access to the United States prior to acquiring permanent status. Alternatively, the K-1 visa may be afforded to a foreigner engaged to a US citizen as a mode of unification of a couple in the United States. Ultimately, the aim of each of these applications is to reside permanently in America with a US citizen spouse. It is important to file a petition that satisfies the necessary criteria with each of the outlined procedures.  Equally, the following visa application must meet established protocols.

Solutions In Law Ltd provides a sophisticated service to UK citizens and nationals of other countries in applying for US marriage visas. We continue to successfully prepare and file K-1, K-3 and I-130 green card petitions with the relevant immigration authorities.  Our applications have culminated in the desired benefits for our clients since 2002. 

Please do not hesitate to contact our US visa attorneys on 020 7812 1029 for advice and representation on the aforementioned fiancé visa USA and spouse visa USA.  Our services extend to a comprehensive portfolio for representation in green card and the US green card lottery applications, the US investor visa, student, investment/business, employment and all other genres of American visa applications. Our immigration lawyers possess a wealth of experience in all aspects of US immigration, travel and visa law and practices.

K-1 Visa

K1 visas are issued by the US Consulate to the fiancé/fiancée of a United States citizen. It is a temporary visa that requires the foreign fiancé/fiancée to contract marriage with the US citizen within 90 days of entry into the United States. The US citizen is required to file a temporary residence petition (K-1/I-129F petition).

K-3 Visa

To reduce the separation immediate family members of US citizens may experience while waiting abroad for an immigrant visa, the then Immigration and Naturalization Service introduced the K-3 non-immigrant (temporary) visa. K3 visas are specifically issued to spouses of a US citizens abroad pending the processing of an immigrant visa.