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Other Types of Visas

H-3 visa

This category of USA visas is offered to qualified foreign trainees who enter the United States for the purpose of participating in an established occupational training program. 

J-1 visa

The J-1 Visa is issued to foreigners who will be actively engaged in on the job training under employment circumstances equivalent to that of a U.S employee in the same position.

B1 and B-2 Visa: Business and Tourism

A B-1 Visa may be used to travel to the states for business purposes. The beneficiary may attend to business matters such as meetings, court 

C Visa: Transit

C1 Visas – These USA visas are applicable to aliens passing in immediate and continuous transit through the United States. (Foreign representatives..

D Visa: Crew

This visa is afforded to crew serving in good faith in any capacity required for normal operating and service on board a vessel.

I Visa: Media

This category of visa may be used by foreign representatives of the media (foreign press, film and other information media) for the execution of media..

R Visa: Religious Worker

This type of visa is for foreign ministers. This includes deacons, practitioners of Christian Science and officers of the Salvation Army. The visa category also extends to benefit people working in a professional capacity in a religious occupation or vocation.

P-1 Visa: Entertainment & Athletics

The P-1 visa is afforded to athletes who perform individually or as part of a team and maintain international recognition (P-1A) and entertainers that perform as an essential or integral part of an internationally recognised..