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B1 and B-2 Visa: Business and Tourism

B1 and B-2 Visa: Business and Tourism

The beneficiary may attend to business matters such as meetings, court hearings, setting up a business etc, but may not work and incidentally, may not receive remunerated from a U.S source. Thus, in attending to business matters within the states, they may be paid by a foreign employer, but may not be compensated by a U.S entity.

Nationals from countries such as the UK, entitled to visa waivers only require the above USA visas if they intend to remain in the USA for more than 90 days or are inadmissible into the United States as a result of criminal conviction, denial of entry/deportation from the US or other applicable contravention.

Although the life span of the B-1/B-2 Visa may last for ten years, the beneficiary may only visit the US for a maximum duration of six months at a time. The visa may be extended for another six months, but the applicant would vigorously need to persuade the Citizenship and Immigration Services that he/she is deserving of this extension due to extenuating circumstances.

Corroborating documents showing concrete ties to one’s home country such as those relating to work, residence and family would be important in proving a temporary intent to remain in the US and should be taken to the appointed interview.

In essence, the applicant would be reinforcing evidence of permanent affiliations outside of the United States that he has no intention of abandoning.

It would be important to also take supporting evidence such as a bank statement, showing financial capacity to fund the trip for the intended duration of presence in the United States.

The approval of a visa serves as initial but not final permission to enter the United States. The USA immigration official at the U S port of entry has ultimate discretion as to whether to allow or refuse entry.

Alternatively, the applicant may travel to the states on a visa waiver, but is limited to a maximum duration of stay within the states of ninety days.