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C Visa: Transit

C Visa: Transit

C1 Visas – These USA visas are applicable to aliens passing in immediate and continuous transit through the United States. (Foreign representatives passing through the U.S are entitled to C-3 visas).

Immediate transit is defined as reasonably expeditious departure in normal course of travel as elements permit and prearranged itinerary assumes.

The C-1 visa holder is required to possess a ticket or other indicia of transportation to his/her destination and is also required to obtain a letter from the shipping company pledging to pay costs of removal if necessary.

The beneficiary needs to possess adequate funds for the transit and permission to enter the third country.

The period of stay is limited to 29 days.

Applicable regulations allow for the waiver of the visa requirement for a person in immediate and continuous transit through the states on an authorised carrier if the person is, otherwise, admissible into the USA, there is a confirmed onward reservation to the next country, the journey is continued on the same or connecting line within 8 hours or the next available transport. The alien cannot, however, change carrier more than twice.