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Green Cards

Permanent resident status through USA green cards may be acquired directly from employment categories such as business investments, persons of extraordinary ability and other people interested in pursuing a career in the states. Green card status can also open doors to US citizenship provided certain residency and other criteria are met.

Spousal relationships and certain family ties create another source for the acquisition of US green cards and subsequent acquisition of US citizenship.

The green card lottery provides yet another avenue for permanent residence in the United States.

Green Card Lottery

Migration to the USA may be possible by virtue of the green card lottery. The diversity immigrant visa program makes USA permanent resident visas available each year. A Maximum of 50,000 visas is usually issued annually. Successful applicants are chosen at random.

Green Card Status: USA Permanent Residence: Family & Employment

USA immigration laws establish two categories of aliens who may immigrate permanently to the United States – holders of preference and non-preference types of US visas. Those..

Family: USA Permanent Visa

Non-preference categories are as follows:

Unmarried sons and daughters of US citizens

These USA visas are subject to 23,000..

Employment: Permanent USA Visa

There are five different categories of employment-based USA work visas synonymous with US permanent residence (acquisition of a green card). These are referred to as the EB preference system. The worldwide limit for these visas is 140,000 plus unused family-sponsored preference visas from the previous year.

EB-1: Priority USA permanent residence Visa

Aliens possessing extraordinary abilities

There are three types of individuals that qualify for permanent USA visas under this category of which one of them is a person of extraordinary ability in the arts, sciences, business, education or athletics.

EB-2: Exceptional Ability & National Interest Waiver

A national interest waiver may be acquired under the second preference employment category for aliens of exceptional abilities in the science, arts or business and advanced degree professionals. The annual quota for the issuance of these visas is 40,000 plus any unused visas from the first

EB-3: Professional, skilled & other US Work Visa

Professional workers:

US immigration regulations provide that the petition for a professional classification must be accompanied
by evidence that the alien holds a baccalaureate degree or a foreign equivalent degree, and by evidence, the alien is a member of the professions.

EB-4: Special Immigrants & Religious workers

This employment based category of USA visas (EB-4) allows workers to immigrate to live and work in the USA. These include ministers, people working in professional positions or those working in a religious vocation or occupation and must possess either a US baccalaureate degree or the foreign

EB-5: Permanent Residence Investor Visa

The fifth employment based preference (EB-5) allows aliens to migrate permanently to the United states if they invest one million dollars (or five hundred thousand dollars in an area considered to be rural or one of high unemployment) in a new business.

USA Citizenship

The acquisition of US citizenship is often a product of permanent resident status. The duration involved for acquiring citizenship is contingent on the source of permanent residence.