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Student Visas

The American student visa is a popular choice for foreigners who wish to undertake a course of study in the USA. The classification of studies may range from academic to vocational, non-academic programs, otherwise, known as the F1 and M1 categories, respectively.

Applications for these visas are presented at the US embassies for adjudication.  A prospective beneficiary is able to obtain a US visa from the UK by attending an appointment at the US embassy in London or Belfast and satisfying US student visa requirements.  The same criteria would apply at US embassies around the world.  This is preceded by the completion and submission of form DS-160 online. 

Applying for USA student visas is a one tier procedure in that an approved petition prior to the interview at the US embassy is not part of the process.  This is the case with several other visa processes where a successful petition is mandatory to the initiation of an interview at the embassy.

The holder of an American student visa is required to exit the USA upon the expiration of the visa except in circumstances where a further course of studies or employment has been, specifically, approved.  Thus, the initial intention would be to engage in a temporary program in the United States.

The American student visa has featured highly in our representation portfolio.  We have prepared and successfully delivered straightforward and very complex cases in this genre of applications.  We continue to cultivate the highest standards in our case ethics and present our clients with diligence and experience from our US visa lawyers.

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F-1 Visa

F-1 student US visas are available to anyone seeking to enter the United States for the purpose of engaging in
a full-time academic program. This status extends to persons enrolled at the elementary school level
through the postgraduate and doctorate levels of university education.

M-1 Visa

The M-1 student visa is issued to students who intend to engage in studies that are not principally academic
in nature. Students must be accepted by established and recognised non-academic institutions in
compliance with applicable procedures.