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R Visa: Religious Worker

R Visa: Religious Worker

This type of visa is for foreign ministers. This includes deacons, practitioners of Christian Science and officers of the Salvation Army. The visa category also extends to benefit people working in a professional capacity in a religious occupation or vocation.

Religious occupation is defined as activity which relates to traditional religious functions e.g. translators, religious broadcasters, workers in religious care centres/hospitals except if they are performing lay work, cantors, liturgical workers. Nurses, clerks, fundraisers or maintenance workers do not qualify for this category of US visas.

Religious vocation is pertinent to traditional religious positions such as monks and nuns.

This visa also applies to persons working for religious organisations in religious occupations or vocations and who for two years immediately preceding the application has been a member of the religious domination having a bona fide non-profit religious organisation in the U.S.

Entry on this visa is limited to five years.

Spouses and children may accompany or follow to join the visa holder on R-2 status.